Pollinators Flower Planting Day

Today’s the day – plant your wildflower seed packs at home or join us at the greenbelt to plant some yummy wildflowers.

Have you heard? Many honey bees, our plants’ life-giving pollinators, seem to be disappearing! In fact, about 1/3 of our honey bees nationwide have disappeared in just the last few years. Bees pollinate almost all our food crops and flowers, so without them, plants can’t form seed and propagate themselves! Due to loss of native prairies and forests, pollinators are now more dependent on urban and suburban lawn flowers.

This is where YOU come in. ‘Bee’ part of the solution and plant these wildflowers in your garden or lawn!

By purchasing our seeds packs, you’re supporting free Heartfull® Meditation workshops for kids and adults that are struggling
with homelessness and domestic violence. Thank you for planting seeds of hope, love and connection in our communities.

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Mar 15 2020


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