We started as a community effort to bring more love into the world.

Our Founder

The Heartfull World Foundation began as a dream of renowned Meditation Master and creator of Heartfull Meditation, Savitri. She began as a 25 year old praying for truth and understanding for the incomprehensible events of her life; when she was 11 she had a serious head injury, and as a teenager she suddenly lost both her parents in one of the worst aviation disasters in history. A few years later she experienced the murder of her sister and the death of her best friend. This led to life threatening illnesses and many near-death experiences.

Her sincere desire for truth led her to create, discover, refine and practice the heart-focused Heartfull® Meditation techniques for over 30 years. Since 1995, it has become her life’s work to share her techniques with the world.

Savitri joined hearts with her long-time students, whose lives had been profoundly affected by Heartfull® Meditation, and founded a non-profit in 2008. We started locally, bringing guided Heartfull Meditation workshops to women’s shelters, homeless youth, and prisons in the Seattle area. Currently we've held workshops in 5 states and 2 countries and have touched over 1300 lives.

Our mission expands as the love in our heart expands. In 2019, we grew to incorporate new projects: Seeds of Light, In-Kind Donation Distribution, and Heartfull Sanctuaries.

Welcome to this evolving Love story.

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Our Vision

Imagine a planet full of people glowing with love. This is our vision - a world where all beings come fully alive and shine.

We believe this is the natural state of us all, yet still not common. Each of us must learn to reconnect to our spiritual heart, the source of true healing, powerful love, and life itself.

Our Mission

Our mission is to plant seeds of love for a more heartfull world.

To live this mission, we teach people how to reconnect to their spiritual heart by facilitating free, non-religious Heartfull® Meditation workshops for youth and adults leading difficult lives.

We also plant pollen-rich flower seeds to help support a healthy, thriving planet for all future generations.