Our Programs

"I honestly feel so much more relaxed than when I got here. It takes a lot to calm me down."

workshop participant

"I really learned a lot about what is going on inside of me. I took the time to listen to myself. It is so much more than that, but the point is that I have a way now to get my thoughts and feelings separated and worked out."

workshop participant

“I thought it was fake but then realize that meditation has a real effect."

Shawn, age 10

“It will be okay. Just take a minute. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I will practice this for the rest of my life.”

workshop participant

“These techniques help me to take away my worries, bad thoughts, and to feel peace in my heart."

workshop participant

Free Yoga & Meditation Workshops

We offer free Heartfull® Meditation workshops led by highly trained teachers who use these meditation techniques in their daily lives. 

Each workshop introduces simple techniques to center the mind, open the heart, and feel safe and calm.  These techniques can be done in one to four minutes, anytime, anywhere, day or night.

Students will experience breath awareness, simple meditation techniques, and a short guided meditation, with time for questions and answers. They leave with a detailed handout for future practice and a small gift to hold the feeling of the experience.

What is Heartfull Meditation?

Heartfull Meditation is a non-religious meditation that helps realign the mind, body and soul to the energy of love using visualization, hand movements, and breath.

To schedule a one hour workshop: Please contact our Program Coordinator, Jenna; 425-888-8888

In-Kind Donations

Free Heartfull meditation workshops for underprivileged youth and adults in multiple locations across the US and Canada.

We gather and distribute in-kind donations for the communities we connect with at local shelters - coats, blankets, socks, gloves, etc.

Businesses and individuals can donate new and gently used clothing, blankets and other household goods which we bring to our program partner sites as needed.

Interested in donating? Contact us!

Seeds of Love

About 1/3 of our honey bees nationwide have disappeared in just the last few years, and are now more dependent on urban and suburban gardens for survival.

We sell pollen-rich wildflower seed packets at fundraising events and host flower planting parties in community gardens. Our goal is to plant as many light and life-giving flowers as possible to help support Mother Earth.

Heartfull Sanctuaries

We offer scholarships to students experiencing financial challenges who want to deepen their practice of Heartfull Meditation.

Our long-term vision is to create Heartfull Sanctuaries in the middle of major city centers. 

We envision a sanctuary in the middle of a city with beautiful images and soft music for people to feel safe, peaceful, and able to connect with their own inner self. We will offer guidance on how to center your mind to the love in your heart.

This place would be like an embassy of love; a neutral, nonreligious, calm place where people can go to meditate, pray or just simply sit knowing they are loved and they are love. We want all who enter to feel that they are going into their own heart as they walk in.